Legal Services

Administrative Law & Public Procurement

Legal assistance and representation in dealing with administrative authorities, public tendering, drafting offers for public contracts, challenging or defending the public contracts’ awards, including representation in front of the National Council for Settlement of Public Procurement Contracts (CNSC) and the competent courts of appeal.

Corporate Matters & Day-to-Day Business

Legal advice, assistance and representation, including before the relevant authorities and courts of law, with respect to any type of corporate operation (set-up of companies / working units / branches / subsidiaries / not-for-profit organizations, changes of directorship/shareholding structure/object of activity / name / headquarters, transfer of shares, share capital increase/decrease, financial statements approval, internal regulations, secretary activities etc.)

Consumer Protection

Providing legal advice and assistance in consumer protection field (placement of specific products on the Romanian market, increase of specific product’s price, guarantees of products, etc.) and marketing campaigns (campaign regulations, notices, etc.);

Contracts’ Matters

Assisting clients with civil and commercial issues, including drafting and negotiation of contracts (sale-purchase, lease, loan, mortgage, free usage, management, marketing, mandate, assignment, novation, services etc.), as well as with respect to amicable settlement or prevention of contract disputes.

Data Protection

Preparing or revising the company’s internal documentation in order to be compliant with the data protection and safety requirements.

Due Diligence

Performing legal and compliance due diligence over target companies or relevant business segments, suggestion of relevant legal remedies and legal recommendations / drafting for remedies’ implementation.


Advising and representation, including before the relevant authorities and courts of law, in connection with any employment matters, such as concluding, modification and termination of employment agreements, job descriptions, internal regulations, collective bargaining agreement, companies’ decisions, secondment and delegation documentation, letters to employment authorities, as well as disciplinary procedures, restructuring process, transfer of employees, etc.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Legal assistance and support for drafting the necessary documents and implementation of mergers, spin-offs, business transfer agreements, complex shareholders’ agreements, joint ventures, etc.

Real Estate

Legal assistance for drafting and negotiation of the documentation with respect to leases (both tenant and landlord oriented), acquisition and sale of buildings, lands, commercial centers.


Legal advice and support for dealing with implementation of restructuring cases, such as: closing or sale of companies or divisions, involving individual/collective dismissals of employees, by finding the less exposed solutions, drafting the layoffs documents, representation in relation with the employment authorities, etc.